Laboring to Motherhood

Becoming a mother 2 weeks early was unexpected, exciting, and has been errr….fun. February 9th at 6 a.m. my water began to trickle. Not gush like everyone says, but trickle. I thought I was peeing on myself because the baby was so low.

Why don’t they tell you that can happen!?

Where was I? Oh. I thought I was peeing on myself. I thought I was having Braxton Hicks contractions. I didn’t go the doctor. I saw my husband off to work. Sat in a tub of warm water. Dressed. Let the Direct TV guy in. “Peed” through two pair of underwear and one pair of Depends. Sat in the recliner watching the Direct TV guy, soaking the chair, and trying to get comfortable with the heating pad. All the while texting my mother, who was four hours away, and my husband, who was at work.

The DTV guy left at 11:40. I called the doctor:

Nurse: What are you experiencing?

Me: Sharp pains in my lower back and I think I’m peeing on myself.

Nurse: You need to come in. Your water may have broken. That’s what it sounds like. How soon can you get here?

Me: I’m leaving now. It’ll be 30 minutes probably.

Nurse: See you soon! (Said with a smile in her voice.)

I drove. Yes! DROVE myself to the hospital twenty minutes away. I grabbed the baby’s bag, my bag and left. Called my mom.

Mom: You’re having contractions really close together. I’m leaving now, baby, but I bet you have that baby before I get there.

Me: Here it comes again, Mom!

Mom: Pull over if you need to. You sound like you’re in a lot of pain. I bet that baby gets there before I do. Don’t be mad if that happens. I’m leaving as soon as they finish changing the oil in my car.

I finally got to the hospital after what seemed like forever. They checked me in the doctors office. My water had broken.

Nurse: Where’s your husband?

Me: At work (said through gritted teeth becuase of intense pain).

Nurse: You need to call him now. Here’s your phone. (Hand me my phone from the chair where I left it.)

I didn’t call. I texted him.

They took me to Labor and Delivery. Put me in a room. In the office I was 3 cm. Thirty minutes later I was 4 cm.

By the time the epidural came twenty mintues later I was in so much pain I couldn’t see straight. My husband appeared somewhere in that time period. But the pain was going strong and I don’t rembember when he came in, just that he held me while they put the needle in my back.



Three hours later I was 7 cm. And that’s where I stayed.

My mom appeared. Thank God! My dad and great aunt appeared. All were four hours away at the beginning of this ordeal.

The doctors gave me pitocin. I had a fever of 101 degrees F. The epidural quit working. Pain envoloped me. I don’t remember much during that time. Just my great aunt trying to ask me questions that I couldn’t seem to understand. My dad stroking my head. My husband holding my left hand. My mom holding my right hand and bathing me with a damp cloth.

Finally, the nurse said it was time to push. I had been asking constantly when I could. I kept being told not to. But I wanted to! She said I could and put my legs in the air. Turned on bright lights above. I kept my eyes closed. My dad and great aunt were sent out. My mom and husband held my hands.

I pushed.

And pushed.


Dr. Smith cut me (episiotomy). The head was stuck.

“It’s a girl!” The doctor said.

“It looked like a hairy coconut,” my husband said grinning as he cut the cord.

“I told you so,” I said.

My mom teared up and kissed me then went to the other side of the room where they were wiping her off.

“What’s her name?” asked Dr. Smith.

“Oakley,” I said.


They handed her to me. She squeeked.

“My little squeeker,” I said.



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