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The last few months have been…busy to say the least. In the last two months we have packed our entire house, found new jobs, moved four hours away, hunted for a new house, unpacked all of our stuff, started the new jobs, and settled ourselves into life in “the middle of nowhere” USA. We wanted to be here, don’t get me wrong, but the process to getting here has been long and a little painful.

Throughout this process, Diva has been a terror! She has cried, whined, and refused to sleep in her own bed. She has nursed consistently every hour and then not nursed at all for several hours. But now that we are starting to settle down, she seems to be doing better.

We moved from our house in Savannah, GA, where we had lived for three years. We were married there, pregnant there, and had our daughter there. But all things must eventually change.

Savannah House Right before Driving Away for the Last Time

We needed help…and by help I mean that $130 for daycare a week was critically damaging us. We needed family–we were four hours away from both sets. We didn’t want to move to Lawerenceville closer to my husband’s family, so we moved toward my family. My mom doesn’t work, so she was the perfect choice to keep Diva for free every week. I just bring her food and breastmilk and they do their bonding daily. My mother also knows the guidelines for raising my daughter because, duh!, she raised me, and I want Diva raised about the same way.

Getting here has been hard, but now that we are here, we are doing good, the blog is going back up (obviously), and our lives are beginning to not be as stressful as Savannah with no family had made us!

Now, as we are settling down, the blog is coming back! I have some exciting post in store, and I’m ready to bring you research, thoughts, and new material! Just an insight into what I have in store: Breastfeeding facts and help; Books for you and your child and reviews of them; Blogs that I also love; and much more!

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2 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Moving is such a huge ordeal, and I can’t even imagine doing it with a baby!! O_O ((hugs)) Glad you’ll be closer to family – that is a big chunk of change each week for daycare! Looking forward to your posts on breastfeeding. I’m expecting baby #4 in June and always happy to read refreshers on baby care!

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  2. Valerie,
    Moving was awful! I’ve vowed to never do it again, at least for a long time. Thank you for your support! And congrats on baby #4!! That is so exciting! O_O


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