Ready to start Little One on food? Awesome! But make sure you are checking and double checking what you are giving that sensitive little baby.

In the last few months Diva has began eating solid foods. At first it was all baby led weaning – feeding nothing but whole boiled carrots, broccoli, or anything else easily mush-able that she could pick up herself. This worked for a while, but the daycare didn’t allow it. The only way to let Diva eat real food was to buy baby food.

I wasn’t about to give her just anything though. Most women don’t think twice about grabbing the jar of Gerber. It’s a well-known brand, so who would? But a look at the back of the jar reveals ingredients unpronounceable for most people. And as that may be fine to feed myself, I didn’t want it for Diva. The left one is sweet potatoes and the right is peas.

I did some searching and found Beechnut. This brand offers organic and none of the jars I have found have anymore than what it is supposed to be. Except the bananas. The bananas had lemon juice, which made it taste nothing like a banana.

Diva loves them. They taste like the real thing. Even the combinations taste the way you would expect them to taste had you yourself mixed them together.

This company prides themselves on 100 % natural. Their website even says home-made inspiration!

It also says: This is not baby food. This is real food for babies.

This slogan alone makes me feel better about what I’m giving my daughter to eat. Not only does she love it and I love it, but I know she is getting something just as healthy for her as the breast milk she still drinks daily. Now that she is in Nana-care, she still eats the Beech-nut from the jar, the oatmeal from the Beech-nut box, and table food too.

Beech-nut’s values match my values. And they come in different age groups (1, 2, 3) as well as varieties of just plain carrots and apples, applesauce, oatmeal, and mixtures of apples and blueberries, or, Diva’s favorite, apples cinnamon and granola. Yum!


I highly encourage you to look at what you feed your baby. And remember, NO solids before 6 months!


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