Baby, It’s a New Year

The holiday season is finally over. I know because work re-commenced today. However, I can’t help but think this was the best Christmas season yet!




Many reasons. Mostly, it was Diva’s first Christmas. I normally can’t stand the season as most people go stupid over presents and buying the best ones and fighting over said presents and visiting rights instead of enjoying family the way they should, but this Christmas was pleasant. Diva got more than her fair share from Santa and Nana Clause and Sue and Papa.



Christmas wasn’t Diva’s only first, however. She, for the very first time, saw a new year come in. The only year she had ever seen was 2015. She lived from February 9th all the way through to the end and watched the ball drop at midnight for the first time. Everyone kissed her first before kissing their spouse, giving her the most luck of the year, and she saw, and cried, her first fireworks ever. She hated them. They were too loud and smokey, so we walked off.

But she and I (well, really me) made some New Year’s resolutions for us (her firsts):

  1. We are going to work on sleeping through the night.
  2. We are going to work on sleeping in our own bed.
  3. Mama (me) is going to train to do the Warrior Challenge in April.
  4. We are going to print more pictures for Diva’s baby book. (shutterfly has great deals!)
  5. We are making a new goal of 18 months breastfeeding since we are about to hit our 1 year goal (GO US!)
  6. We are going to budget better and pay bills better (this has already been in the works, but you know…that thing called Life gets in the way sometimes)
  7. Mama (me) is going to try to get into a Ph.D program.
  8. Mama (me) is going to try to write more and not get so behind on writing, even if Diva must write with her.
  9. Mama (me) is going to finish reading the pile of unread books in the office floor before buying more of them to add to the pile.
  10. We are going to spend less time with electronics and more time outside hiking, playing, or whatever else we can find to do outside of the house and internet!IMG_3188

HAPPY 2016!



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