Re-Living Lion King


My mother likes to occasionally tell stories from my childhood, and, as I am her only child, she remembers mostly everything.

Diva loves the Disney Jr. Channel, which plays multiple things tailored for young minds, her favorites being 1) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (she dances to the hotdog song) and 2) The Lion Guard, a new show that only has one episode they have played about 200 times, complete with the music video for the theme song

Are your imagining yourself running away screaming yet?

It’s not really that bad for the first hundred or so times. Then…well, you know.

Anyway, the other night we sat on the couch watching said Disney Jr. shows and my mother looks thoughtfully at the TV for a minute before beginning her story:

“When Liz was little…”

I was four years old. The year was 1994. It was June. Where we lived there was one movie theater and they were playing the newest kid movie to arrive – The Lion King.

This was an animated epic musical produced by none other than Disney. The story takes place in the kingdom of lions in Africa, and has a main character of a small lion cub, Simba, as he begins his journey to be King. (The story was influenced by Shakespeare’s Hamlet.)

My mom, her friend Missy, me, and Missy’s son, Wesley (also four), decided it was time to go to the movies. The four-year-old’s were ready to see their first movie-theater movie!

We went.

The two adult women bought the snack-pack popcorn and drink for me and Wesley to enjoy during the movie. And to keep us occupied for a few minutes at least. And off to the seats we went.


Mom sat me down in a chair and turned around to take my snack-pack back from Missy when she heard my squeaks of help. She turned to find me folded into the chair. I was too light to keep the bottom of the chair down and it had flipped up, pushing me into the crack. For the rest of the movie she sat in her chair next to me with her leg thrown over the edge of my chair to keep it down.

During the advertisements, Wesley with all the sophistication of a four-year-old asked Missy, “When is this damn movie going to start?”

He was reprimanded, but lightly.

All-in-all, a successful trip to the movie.

Now, we watch The Lion Guard and I wonder: What movie will Diva see first in a movie theater? Hopefully, it, too, will be something as epic as The Lion King.


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