Victoria Secret Needs to Tap the Breastfeeding Market

As a teenager I would wear nothing but Victoria Secret bras and panties. They were comfortable, lasted longer, and cute/sexy. Plus all of my friends wore the same thing. Of course I was too!


This persisted until I got pregnant. As my tummy got bigger, I had to move into Haynes of a larger size. I told myself I didn’t want to stretch my undies out. I mean, I’m going to wear these after all this is done and over with, right?

Not to mention Victoria Secret was too expensive to buy and wear for just a few months and throw away because they were too big…

I was wrong.

After having Diva, I couldn’t fit into my panties size small anymore anyway. I preferred the Haynes, which I still wear. Not only are they comfortable, but they are the right size. And for someone on a baby budget, that means I wear the Haynes. We aren’t here to talk panties, however.

Panties are one thing. With money I would gladly go back to wearing Victoria Secret panties, albeit a bigger size. The bras, however, I can’t wear. Not at least for a while.

Victoria Secret doesn’t make nursing bras…

As a breastfeeding mother loyal to the brand, this upsets me.

Why is it that Victoria Secret will  make bras for young women and older women alike, but  the breastfeeding mother they have forgotten. FOR-GOT-TEN!

Do they not realize that the breastfeeding mother still wants to feel sexy? Do they not understand the need after having a child to feel like your old self again? To feel good in what you are wearing again? To let the lace peek over the top of your jeans to tantalize your husband once more? All while being able to easily feed my child when the need arises?


Apparently not. Or they don’t care.

As a loyal member of the brand for so long, I feel duped. I feel as if they do not care about me the same way that I have cared about them for so  long. My younger self bought countless $50 bras and 5 for $25 panties from there. And now, at a month from being 26, I am unable to feel as sexy as I once did because I am not in the underwear I came to know and love. And why? Because they refuse to hear the need of the young mothers who helped build them into the underwear empire they are!

They have great potential to meet the needs of every 18-still mothering age woman out there. They could make nursing bras. They could tap into the need for nursing hoodies and shirts. They could revolutionize the way women wear bras and nurse! Not to mention the need for a sports bra to nurse in…


This brand has the ability at their fingertips to #naturalize breastfeeding, or at least make those women who choose this lifestyle feel better about their bodies and more comfortable/sexy/cute.


Now, I’m not bashing other brands. I’m quite partial, as I said, to my Haynes underwear and Motherhood Maternity nursing bras. But, Motherhood Maternity is not found just everywhere and not all of them carry the bras. Several of them only carry clothes for pregnant women. And Haynes, though nothing wrong with them, is not the date night silk thong and matching bra.


Unfortunately, Victoria Secret, along with many others, think that breastfeeding isn’t sexy, and we all know sex is what sells. However, lets remember that every woman wants to feel sexy, has a right to feel sexy, and Victoria Secret is loosing a lot of money by not tapping into this growing market.


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