The Mommy Master(er)


Liz Sheffield is a first-time mom trying not to make a mess of this thing called motherhood. She and her “Diva” take life day-by-day, attempting to master the art of mommy-hood while also taking time to read, freelance write for three magazines, work a 40-hour/week job, teach two adjunct classes (no those class hours don’t count towards the 40), be an active alumnae member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, be an active member of the local Junior League chapter, spend time with family and friends, and complete her fourth (and final) degree, a Ph.D. in Communications.

After finding out she was pregnant just weeks after completing her M.F.A., Liz, who originally didn’t want kids, vowed with her best friend and husband, Mikey, to make the most of this life experience. Once the pregnancy and birth initiation were over, the real fun began. Diva proved, and still proves, to be a difficult child – a diva in every sense of the word.

*NOTE: I am in no way a certified LC, IBCLC, or any other medical specialist. The information found on this website is taken from personal experience, asking questions of medical specialists, and from other credible sources.


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